Breadcrumb structured data reports now available in Google Search Console

The new report can help you debug issues with breadcrumbs displaying in the search results.

Breadcrumb structured data reports are now available on Google Search Console, Google announced Thursday. Webmasters will be notified via email if their sites are having breadcrumb structured data problems, as is the case with other GSC issues. The report can be accessed under the Enhancements section from the left-hand navigation panel.

Breadcrumb structured data reports are now available in Google Search Console. Image: Google.

Why we should care

Breadcrumb trails tell users about a page’s position within your site’s hierarchy. Marking up your pages with breadcrumb structured data helps search engines display this information to users. If your breadcrumb trail isn’t displaying as expected, this new report gives you something to check, which may help you resolve the issue.

Learn more about structured data

Breadcrumbs are just one of many structured data elements that you can use to flesh out your listings. Here are some additional resources that may help you make better decisions about how to implement structured data.


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